Femi Otedola Gives Daughter, DJ Cuppy, A Hot Chase As He Celebrates 1 Million Instagram Followers

Femi Otedola with his recent achievement is looking like a jealous but ambitious father.

Despite being miles ahead of his daughter, DJ Cuppy, on the rich list of billionaires, the business tycoon still finds it hared to give Cuppy a free ride in the social media part of life which happens to be her second work tool. DJ Cuppy recently celebrated reaching 4 million followers on Instagram and just about few days later, her dad, Otedola is celebrating 1 million followers.

The interesting thing about this whole thing is, Femi Otedola opened his Instagram account some months back while Cuppy has had hers for years and yet he now sits at 3 million followers from his daughter. What would happen in the next couple of years?

This dad seems like one that is very competitive, one that is willing to beat even his daughters at their best game.

Game on the Otedolas!

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