Breaking! USA House Of Reps Finally Impeached Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S House of Representatives on Wednesday night, becoming the third American chief executive to be formally charged under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misconducts.

The historic vote split along party lines, much the way it has divided the nation, over a charge that the 45th president abused the power of his office by enlisting a foreign government to investigate a political rival ahead of the 2020 election.

The House then approved a second charge, that he obstructed Congress in its investigation. The articles of impeachment, the political equivalent of an indictment, now go to the Senate for trial.

If Trump is acquitted by the Republican-led chamber, as expected, he still would have to run for reelection carrying the enduring stain of impeachment on his purposely disruptive presidency.

“The president is impeached,” Pelosi declared after the vote.

She called it “great day for the Constitution of the United States, a sad one for America that the president’s reckless activities brought about the introduction of the articles of impeachment.

Trump is impeached: What happens next?
Although Trump is not expected to be acquitted in the Senate, questions remain about when a trial would take place.

Will Pelosi withhold the articles of impeachment? Will Senate Republicans agree with the Democrats requests for additional witnesses.

Putin talks Trump impeachment
Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a marathon annual end-of-year news conference on Thursday in Moscow.

Among the issues he discussed was Trump’s impeachment.

“The party that lost the [2016] election is continuing the fight by other means,” he said.

“[The impeachment bill] still needs to go through the Senate where Republicans, as far as I know, have a majority. It’s unlikely they will want to remove from power a representative of their party based on what are, in my opinion, completely fabricated reasons,” he added.

“The Democrats accused Trump of a plot with Russia, and then it emerged that there was no kind of plot. It could not be the basis of impeachment … “Then they thought up some kind of pressure on Ukraine.”

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