HATE FEST! Housemates Are Displeased Lucy Won HOH Challenge – Prince Reveals Why

Deputy head of house, Prince believes a cross-section of the housemates are displeased with Lucy’s win as the new head of house.

According to him, he feels good in the house especially with the yoga session which helped him free his mind to become lighter unlike before when he had a lot in his mind, reflecting on his life before and after the house.

He believes Lucy is a friend and a learner who he is trying to help up because she has some flaws which the housemates find irritating and creates problems with her and some people.

He mentioned the likes of Praise, Vee, Tolanibaj, and others who have had issues with her due to her approach to issues.

Responding to how he feels as deputy HOH and having immunity from eviction, he said he feels good because he felt tensed after they were put on eviction but later felt good when he was chosen as deputy. He is optimistic they will win their wager task on Thursday.

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