Woli Arole’s The Call Gets Netflix Deal

Comedian and actor Oluwatoyin Bayegun aka Woli Arole has secured a Netflix deal for his debut movie, The Call.

According to information released by Woli Arole, ‘The Call’ started showing on Netflix starting on July 27.

He wrote, “I am happy to announce to you that our movie The Call has been selected to be on Netflix from July 27. I am eternally grateful to God and to all my fans and friends across the world.”

Speaking further on the deal, he said, “Being the executive producer and actor in this movie gives me great delight. I am so so happy. To all the team and crew I am grateful. We are the winning team.

“My director Abinibi, this is just the beginning. To our producer Olojede visuals, more wins. Our distributor FilmOne big thanks. To all the actors on this project, big congrats to us. Woli Arole the global just began! Tell a friend to tell a friend. The Call is on NETFLIX! July 27th is the date!”

The movie tells the tale of a never-do-well guy and his group of like-minded friends on their quest for wealth, but Arole inadvertently discovers his gift of clairvoyance.

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