Tunde Ednut once again returns to Instagram, loses 1k followers

The Instagram account of Tunde Ednut is once again active on the popular app, this comes a few days after the entertainment blogger’s account was suspended at 1 million followers.

A brief visit to his Instagram page shows the blogger lost a thousand followers as he currently has 999k followers

These are once again happy times for fans and followers of singer turned entertainment blogger, Tunde as his Instagram account has once again being reactivated.

A visit to his page shows it is back up and running with the same unapologetic Instagram bio the controversial blogger had up before the account was taken down.

However, it isn’t all positive news as Ednut didn’t return to meet his 1 million loyal followers, but 999,000.

tunde ednut

Screenshot of his current number of followers on the app. Photo credit: @kingtundeednut Source: Instagram

Few days ago, his account vanished from Instagram just a few days after reappearing on the social media platform.

A search for Tunde’s new account with the username @kingtundeednut returned with no result save for multiple clone accounts with the same username.

Only some days ago, Tunde ednut announced his return on the social media app and managed to hit as much as 500k followers within four hours of opening the new account.

tunde ednut

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