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7 Little Things That Can Ruin Your Outfit

Coming up with a good look is easy, but catching these sneaky fashion icon look is not. So always keep an eye out for these simple mistakes that can ruin your outfit.

Wrong underwear: “For your bras, be sure you wear the right size, type, and colour to create flattering silhouettes, pay attention to your panty choice: seamless undies are best for tight-fitting clothes, and low-cut bikini panties are for low-rise jeans”.

Wrinkles and creases: Apart from looking sloppy, unironed clothes can also mar your look, whether you are required to wear a uniform or to dress casually, make sure you always look your best to any place you go.

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Unflattering cuts and fits: “Wearing ill-fitting clothes, no matter how expensive or chic they are, will always be a huge no-no, baggy, oversized tops can make you look bigger (unless they’re styled properly), while tight jeans will give you muffin top and camel toe”. Don’t buy clothes that are not your size and if you buy clothes that are bigger than you have them tailored to your size.

Tacky designs and patterns: “Sequins, beads, and plastic buttons are just some of the things that make your clothes look cheap, so before you spend money on “cheap finds” assess the little details of the clothes”.

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Signs of wear and tear: Ripped jeans and faded shirts look cool but holes and stains don’t look nice, always keep an eye out for them in your clothes. Also pay attention loose threads, broken zips, missing buttons and so on, repair them but if the damages are beyond repair then throw them away and buy new ones.

Cheap accessories: “The wrong accessories can singlehandedly destroy your look, so steer clear of huge and over-the-top ones”. Wrong accessories tend to steal the attention away from your outfit so just stick to simple and classic pieces that are easy to mix and match.

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Dry and rough skin: Your skin is the best accessory you will ever have so give it enough tender, loving and care (TLC) all the time by using moisturising lotions that can keep your skin smooth and hydrated.


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