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7 Things You Should NEVER Ask For In A Relationship

There are some things that you have all the right in the world to expect in your relationship and you don’t need to ask for them, things like honesty, as well as respect and your partner, staying faithful in the relationship and you don’t need to spell those out.

Most people take things for granted and expect the unexpected from their partners and uses “phrases like ‘you would do this or that if you really loved me’ to coerce their partners into doing things that they don’t really want to”. When this begin to happen, the relationship becomes manipulative and also one side. “you don’t have to be a mean person to ask for things that you really shouldn’t, you might be doing it without even realising”.

Be sure you are not coercing your partner to say yes when he/she want to say no, here are something you shouldn’t ever ask for in a relationship.

Ask your partner to lie for you.

Ask him to stop doing things men do like stop watching ball, hanging out with friends, drinking etc.

Asking your partner to get things he/she can’t afford.

Asking your partner not to have friends of the opposite s3x.

Asking your partner to stop seeing some friends. 

Asking your partner to change for you.

Expecting your partner to love everything you love.



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