#BBNAIJA2017: 10 politicians that will make for interesting housemates

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Firstly, let me start by saying, these people I’m about to mention don’t need to contest for 25 million. I mean, it’s already chicken change for them.

Big Brother Naija 2017 Season has come and gone, but again, the banter remains…, You know what I mean 😉😉😉

Anyways, Contrary to what a few people might think, a lot of Nigerians love Big Brother Naija. For the drama, for the banter, for the sheer love or sometimes hate, for the housemates. And it got us wondering, what group of individuals drive Nigerian followership this much? Politicians.

So we Coupled up a few politicians and imagined what it’d look like if they, with their personalities and character, made it to the show.

That Said. Let’s get down to this exciting List….

1. The Chief Drama Queen/King.

Is there any Nigerian politician more dramatic than Uncle Dino Melaye? Dino Melaye is literally becoming a weekly show at this point, giving us back to back drama.

Senator Dino Melaye after a fight in the National Assembly (Google)

whether he’s saying people should patronise “Made in Nigeria” women, or he’s fighting over something in the house, For Me I’ll give it to Dino, he’s a qualified Candidate. Period!!!

2. The Baby Boy/Yoruba Demon.

What do we have here? Someone who can dance at the weekly Big Brother Parties? Check 👇

Governor Ambode dancing

Someone who can still do ruthless things in the house just so he can win his game? Check. Ambode it is.

3. The “Everybody Hates Me” Jerk.

We all know the Big Brother House needs one person who is unnecessarily dramatic, who believes everyone is trying to victimize them. Who believes people might even kill them.

Oga at the Top – Nyesom Wike

But in actual fact, no one really gives a fuck. Nyesom Wike’s the guy for this one.

4. The Resident Intellectual.

The house smartass who just seems to know everything and have two heads.

Mr Nasir El-Rufai

And yes, they still manage to have sharp mouth and have drama in them. Best candidate for this one is definitely El-Rufai. 

5. Miss Independent.

Independent? Won’t take nonsense? Who else? Florence Ita-Giwa.

6. Most likely to be the first to sleep with someone.

He will go to any lengths to get the attention he wants. The way he wants. When he wants. Give it up for Fayose.

Governor Ayo Fayose

Also likely to win, because life is not just fair sometimes.

7. So much potential but will be eliminated at the second eviction.

I mean, people know his bright. People know he might hold some promise. But people just don’t dig him. I mean, it sucks to be Atiku at this point.

8. The Chilled Lady who somehow makes it to the final.

Have you ever thought that perhaps, the most likely, but unhyped woman that might make it to the Presidency in Nigeria might just be Abike Dabiri? What are the odds?

9. He’s probably fine, or fresh, or neat, but inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

Need I say more? Do we need to call Miyonse Ben Bruce when it’s pretty obvious? 😁 😁 😁

10. That Sufferhead story we empathise with.

GoodLuck Jonathan

Nigerians like to hear a sufferhead story. It makes success more valid. It satisfies a deep aspiration we all have; the aspiration to blow, and go and give testimony. So, tell them you didn’t have shoes were you were a kid, and they’ll vote for you in drovveeeees

Who’s going to be Big Brother though?

Is no Other person than, The Godfather Himself!!!

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Yes Guys and that’s a Wrap, I’ve had Fun posting this, So lemme know your thoughts in the comment section

Who do these political housemates remind you of? Please share.



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