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There have been a lot of Rumors all round the city of Calabar that the OKPO REKORDZ SQUAD front man and most promising act in the state is in a Romance with a EX Facebook Slay Queen popularly known as TIZ EMERAL.

EMERAL OMON recently came openly to the press to revel her sex life in the past and how she sleeps with men for money even during her period. These news was the most trending articles on top sites such as YABALEFT and NAIRALAND,.Just few weeks after the young UNICAL student from the department of law became so popular on Facebook,she decided to add a tittle to her facebook usser name from TIZ ESMERAL OMON to TIZ ESMERAL YABALEFTCEO (funny right)well thats the current user name.

Just when you thought everything was ok and the storm is over ,our SLAY QUEEN started parading the town with words of her having a serious affair with UPPER X EKPEYONG (OKPO REKORDZ SQUAD)..These rumors lasted for quite a period of time and became a pin in the neck to the young Celebrity who latter came out openly on his official facebook handle to talk about the Trending rumour in town of He(UPPER X) Being in a relationship with her (ESMERAL).here are some snaps on his posts.

Here Are some related facebook post showing friends opinions and contributions to the case at hand.

Meet Our 2017 Slay Queen. (self acclaim big boob’s babe.)



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