Express Yourself!!! Is There Anyway President Buhari Absence affect Our Economy in The Country.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerians seems to be very much in anticipation of the return of our UK based President Buhari. Trust Nollywood they are already working on the movie “The Return of Mr. President” LOL!!

Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari in Saadabad Palace.jpg

It is no longer news that Nigeria is in recession and things are very hard economically. Prices of food and other daily necessities are skyrocketing, the value of naira against the dollar is only favourable to the Yahoo Boys while business owners and entrepreneurs are crying. So far so bad, this administration is yet to get anything right.

Even the overhyped fight against corruption is not yielding any positive result as we have not witnessed any complete case of prosecution that has lead to detention of corrupt government officials.

Amisdst all economic troubles facing the country, the President suddenly took a two-week sick leave. This created more worries in Nigerians.

The two weeks came and gone, neither do we see our president nor hear from him, all we see are pictures suspected to be photoshoped which led to unverified news circulating on social media that the President was dead but another statement came up again extending his absence to a date yet unknown.

Presently, the coming back of President Buhari to Nigeria is like the coming of Jesus Christ which is relatively unknown to anyone. Meanwhile, in his absence Acting President Yemi Oshibajo has been taking series of steps and for the first time in many months, naira sustain gains as dollar crashes in parrallel market. This seems like a wind of hope for Nigeria economy.

So, from all we’ve been going through as Nigerians when the President was around and now that he is in the UK, would you say Nigeria needs President Buhari back as soon as possible for the benefits of our dwindling economy?



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