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All About microblogging.

First of all , what is microblogging?

Microblogging is the activity of sending regularly short messages,photos or videos to a selected group of people ,or so that they can be viewed by anyone, this can also serves as a means of keeping people informed about an activities or thought.

Now the question we will be discussing in this writeup, is that how can we make this microblogging workout in the society. Also before that, I gladly to let all readers know that the word microblog is also from microblogging and in that case someone who practices it is called a MICROBLOGGER.We have different and various ways we can make microblogging workout and I will doing small explanation on it as it will be listed below.

1. Time

Time is one of the most key features a microblogger must have if you want it sucess both in public and personal ways, in terms that an individual or specific people (microblogger or microbloggers) resources,te a particular time in regular terms for the activity to take place.

2. Good Audience

Another important logic is getting a good audience for the microblog activity, an individual or public enterprise who wants to take part in the activity must be able to first figure out good audience , this audience are the one to determine the taste of the activity ,whether is okay or not also they will also perform the function communication and passing of information to other who are not in the group , also they finally serve the aspect of reacting and responding to the info given.

3. Non Furphy Information.

A microblogger or microbloggers who want to run a successful microblog activity must be able to pass true information and not furphy information to audience , because most audience will exit his /her microblog channel as they discover is not a trusted fellow , so if furphy info are passed /disseminate to people it may lead to failure because is only passed to selected people just small.

4 Fusion of Resources

Fusion of resources in initially is said to be resources, but one who wants to be successful in microblogging must be able to add resources to one resources to perform it function, and finally disseminate Info to the selected audience, also if examples were to be sighted  I with use the passing of file from a USB to system (PC), in such case the microblogger has fused resources to get the file and then in the file information to be share to the selected audience is found.

5. Internet and online supourt.

The least and not last is online and internet support , this should have been made mentioned first , but it is actually compulsory that before anyone can think of microblog or anything blog , internet is required while online support is the first and other follows is also one important key to make microblog successful, also info are exported from web directly and live process are done as it is passed to targeted audience.








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