Okorocha blames poverty for Nigeria’s insecurity


Senator Rochas Okorocha has blamed the substantial degree of insecurity in the region on the spate of insecirity in the country.

The previous governor of Imo point out even though reacting to inquiries concerning the safety circumstance across the nation on ChannelsTV, said that a nation faced with extreme danger of insecurity and poverty will have to believe of the wisest system of action, Newswatch reports.

Okorocha was of the view that if poverty is tackled appropriately, then insecurity will not be an issue.

He reported “Anywhere you see a high stage of insecurity or criminal offense, look beneath it there is a higher stage of poverty,” the previous governor insisted.

He further more argues that there is an urgent will need for the country to look inwards and take some type of drastic actions to assistance the mature.

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“If we maintain undertaking the very same previous points in the same old techniques, we shall retain getting the similar previous final results,” Okorocha argued.

On his achievement as a governor he mentioned that his history is unmatched in the condition, “I crafted six Universities, four Polytechnics, two Schools of Education, who has overwhelmed this document in the heritage of that State.”

The previous governor even further stated that he crafted one particular of the best Federal government Homes in the country.

Okorocha who was bewildered about the change of events in the condition claimed what happened in the ruling All Progressives Congress is still like a desire to him.

The parliamentarian pressured that the APC had no motive to eliminate the gubernatorial election in Imo Condition.

He further more noted that the nation can not proceed to run as a mono-financial system dependent on one particular resource of profits.

“Oil has remained our only resource of money as a nation and we have not been capable to acquire the effective sector of our economic system which would make us a consuming nation.”



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