You MUST Return My N10m With Interest, Fayose Continues Verbal Onslaught Against Obasanjo

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Ado-Ekiti-The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayo Fayose has asked former President Oulsegun Obasanjo to return the N10 million he donated to his (Obasanjo) presidential library project with interest.
Speaking in Ado Ekiti on Monday at the opening of the PDP Southwest stakeholders’ meeting, the Governor said that he and 30 governors under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were compelled to donate N10m each in 2015.
Fayose said: “We were compelled to make the donation as PDP governors in 2005 and now I need the return of my money with interest”.
The Governor also reacted to the present crisis rocking the PDP, Fayose described the Ali Modu Sheriff’s faction as ‘moles’ and ‘political kidnappers’.
He said: “Yes, they are kidnappers, because when you took what does not belong to you, then you are a kidnapper. To me, I stand with Makarfi, because the judiciary has no reason to appoint the chairman and executive members for party owners.


“How can you call yourself the leader of a party and be working for the opposition. Sheriff and his group will fail in their devilish plot against our party. We, the committed members of this party will not allow this evil to work, because charlatans can’t be allowed to hijack our party.
“To me, the PDP is one under Ahmed Makarfi. I want you to be speaking out against President Muhammadu Buhari’s government , nobody can kill you. The tough time we are passing through is just a phase as tough time never last but tough people do.
“They said the PDP people are corrupt, but if you look critically, the PDP are mere petty thieves while APC members are super robbers. They are only interested in destroying and oppressing our members while the people groan in sufferings. Today, the country is under emergency situation.
“They said we should use political means to settle our differences, let me say that even if we reconcile there are some people I can’t be in the same party with . They are dirty and people like us can’t associate with them”.



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