Bayern Munich Not Sorry for Arsenal after Defeat – Mats Hummels

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Bayern defender, Mats Hummels claims his side isn’t sorry for mauling Arsenal in a heated competitive encounter in the United Kingdom.

Germany international, Mats Hummels has said that there is no reason to feel sorry for Arsenal after Bayern Munich humiliated them again in the Champions League round-of-16, cruising 10-2 on aggregate over Arsene Wenger’s men.


Bayern recorded a back-to-back 5-1 wins to condemn the Gunners to a seventh successive Champions League last-16 exit.


Hummels knows how it feels to lose heavily to the German champions, having been beaten 5-1 with Borussia Dortmund in the past, but maintained that humiliation is a normal part of the game and that his side shouldn’t feel sorry for thrashing the EPL side.


He said after the match, “I don’t know if you can feel sorry in sports [for your opponent].


“You just have to do your best and it was very unlucky in the end for them. They had 50 good minutes and it can happen.
“Maybe we will face them in the coming years and face the same problem as them. I don’t think we have to be sorry, it is just sports. If you win, you just enjoy it. It doesn’t look good, of course, [for Arsenal] and that’s too bad.


“Maybe they felt they could score the goals and it was okay for them to keep playing like this but then we played things really well. I experienced it for myself. I lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich [when I was at Dortmund], when we felt we did a good job and we were not that bad to get beat like that.


“It was in Munich, in my last season with Dortmund. We lost 5-1 and it was pretty close until they scored the fourth goal. Bayern are a team that can go fast in one direction.”



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