#BBNaija: How housemates woke up at 3am to fight each other (video)


The Pepper Dem Gang never tire of trending on the much needed drama needed to spice up the house and this time is no exception as they were spotted awake at 3am, having pillow fights.

After putting up a brilliant performance in the talent showcase Task, the Icons had won their Wager for the week.

They were in an ecstatic mood unlike Team Cruisetopia who didn’t like the fact that they lost. But 3am saw all the housemates putting apart their egos and engaging in a pillow fight that pumped up the energies in the room.

Jackye and Mike were also spotted in a rather interesting tussle. The pillow fight lasted well over 45 minutes.

Video Below:

But this is 3am in the morning… Issokay!!! 😂 #BBNaijia pic.twitter.com/YrfleAYYdQ

— Kehney_kk_klass (@KehneyA) August 16, 2019

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