#BBNaija: Mike comes for Seyi, accuses him of being a bad leader (video)


Fights, romance and gossip have been the order of the day since the show started and houemates Mike and Seyi have treated viewers to another episode of a ‘spicy’ fight.

During their rehearsal for a talent show challenge assigned to them by Biggie, Mike and Seyi got into an argument.

Mike was making fun of Seyi’s statement about the shape of the earth. Seyi took offence at this and immediately shut him up, and walked out on his team.

This did not go down well with Mike as he immediately confronted Seyi. He accused him of not being a good leader and ordered him to stop being over sensitive about some matters.

Seyi replied Mike:

“Please, I don’t like you coming to me for personal beliefs, I find it offensive and childish.”

Mike, while responding, said:

“Why are you offended, stop being hypersensitive, you can’t raise your voice at me and expect me to roll over. You cannot keep forcing your opinion on all of us. You overreact sometimes. You don’t call yourself a leader and walk out every time there is a provocation or you can’t control the situation. You are not fit for leadership when you keep quitting. To me, that is petty I don’t work with sensitive people.”

Video Below:

I know you guys loathe him, watch the video of the altercation between Seyi and Mike. Cos you guys are fond of bullying Seyi on twitter. #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/IiVheZqvdU

— Dacosta (@kunl3gzy) August 15, 2019



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