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Some writers says that “music is the moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wind to the mind, flight to the imagination and charms and gaiety to life and to everything”. -PLUTO
“Music can change the world because it can change people”. -BONO
“Where words fail music speaks”, -HAN. CHRISTIAN ANDERSON.
Though they may refer to instrumental music but the messages cannot be over emphasized or rolled out because it plays a vital role in every man’s life.
The LSA, a non-instrumental music group that tends to see that the overall message of music is made to be felt in the heart of every man. Acappella over the years has been seen in different way. The word “ACAPPELLA” is an Italian term which means – in the manner of the church, or in the manner of chapel.
Referring to the type of music that is sung without the use of musical instrument. History tells us that, Acappella got its origin in religious setting which encourages the LSA to carry on with the trend and also maintain its first value which relate to what the scripture says – Hebrews 13:15 “by him therefore let us offer continually the sacrifices of praise which is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name”.

The group started officially with seven (7) with the name Let’s Sing Acappella in the year 2014, but before then it was known as the vocal family which was established in the year 2010. Since 2014 till date, the group has known great improvement in number and had helped in many functions throughout Cross-River State and beyond.

The LSA is to help capture the minds of Christians and the entire world to know the importance of Acappella music as well as admitting them to be properly trained to become better singers for God and for pleasure as we sing with our real voice.
To see a world where Acappella music is more appreciated in churches, programs and every other event.
Hebrews 13:15 “by him therefore let us offer continually the sacrifices of praise which is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name”. Bringing the truth closer to the world through our non-instrumental music (Acappella gospel musics).
Training for members and interested fellows at suitable venues
Ministration at
Church services
And all other related event.

The LSA has grown to become what it is today through the support of CHURCH OF CHRIST, CALABAR, especially; 61 Ibb way, Calabar, 107c Atamunu, 72 Nelson Mandela, 25 Etonko Street, Calabar and Key supporters from various congregations such as; Emmanuel Ojinagha, Bassey Effanga, Stephen Coco-Bassey, Roland Ekene, Mfonoobong Brendan, Felix Ukam, Mbereke Obong Barrymore etc.
Calabar music concert “sing Aloud” 2010.
Obong Christian youth music competition 2015/2016 and 2017.
To help the earing world know the right way to worship God through singing.
To develop and mould standard singers.
Training members to become good vocalist
LSA is a gospel music group certainly with a purpose praising God and preaching the gospel psalms 150.
To tour the group nationality and internationally.
To be medium through which members of the group can develop their songs.
To produce CDs, upload videos of a good standard which we aim to promote the group throughout the world.
Men, women, children and all lovers of Acappella music.



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