Guys, Lets Talk! Where Is The Strangest Or Weird Place You’ve Ever Had Séx?

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Hi Guys,

Guess you all are enjoying your weekend? Well, its chilled for us here as we are stepping down the weekend with Chicken & Chips with cold Ice Tea Make una come join us.

Lets get down to our Topic of today. Like the saying Konji na Bastard OO

Have you ever seen your babe looking so Gorgeous that she looks brand new to you and you can’t help but just do it sharp sharp anywhere, Na sha kuku my babe

It’s normal, even some more responsible and elderly ones are guilty of this act. You feel like trying something new like doing it with your babe inside the Kitchen, along the Road. Like just park, tell her to shift her pant and you swing into the drilling sorry Action I mean.

Nowadays, Sex is not done in the bed rooms alone. Anywhere can actually do and trust me, even if it’s short, I bet you will enjoy it more than doing it inside the house.. E dey sweet die

Now, here is our question for you:-

“Where Is The Strangest Or Weird Place You’ve Ever Had Séx?“
BE Sincere! We want to know.

Drop your comments.

For Me (Femi):-

My story long small but I go narrate am for una. I was with some of my friends and then this Topic came up, those that have tried it asked me to give it a Trial and I will thank them.

Na so I rush go pick up my car key, go my babe them side, pick her up and as we were driving, Na so I just park, I told her and she was like lets go home and do it. I said No, we are doing it here and she said No. I just vex use scope threaten her and she said Ok (not from her mind but wetin concern me na).

She got down from the Car, removed her pant and she positioned well for me and the match started proper. After like 2 mins, I was about to cum when one Police man just shout “What are you guys doing there?”

Mehn! I no go lie oo, I no even reason the Police man at all. The last drop of my akamu drop before I remove my John Thomas kon attend to the police. I was breathing as if I just returned from a War, Sweating anyhow.

The Police change am for me and I have to pay 20k before I was freed.

What about you? – Tell us your own!



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