‘I’m Blessed To Have Great, Firm And Ripe Boobs’ Actress Seyi Hunter Gushes

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'I'm Blessed To Have Great, Firm and Ripe Boobs' Actress Seyi Hunter GushesRising actress and filmmaker, Seyi Hunter, has said that she loves it when people compliment her over her ‘firm and ripe’ boobs, especially when she leaves them unfettered. The curvy role interpreter however, said that she has never endured a situation where random people would attempt to touch them.

My boobs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe. I’m blessed with great boobs and I have very cute nose

Yes I get (compliments) a lot of time, especially when I go braless sometimes. It’s a compliment and I love genuine compliments,” she told TheNewsGuru.



She once claimed to be a virgin in an interview she granted earlier and when she was asked if she was still one, she said, “I’m still a virgin. I am keeping myself for the right person. There’s no dignity in sleeping around.” She also said that she had never felt any sexual urge in her life since she has never had sex.

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How can you be Hot, when you don’t even know what being Hot is? It’s like asking a blind person the color of your shirt. I think you have to experience it to know how it feels. I have never experienced sexual urge. I don’t watch erotic movies or read erotic books. I stay away from anything that might trigger it,” she added.



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