MadeWave Entertainment Empire

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MadeWave is a Nigeria’s pioneer entertainment brand that started in 2009 under the platform of Nite of a thousand laugh and also a well-known showbiz company designed to meet the need of the ever changing social world. This brand is known for its ORIGINALITY, INTEGRITY, CREATIVITY, & RESOURCEFULNESS which has paved way for us over time to work with great entertainers in the industry.

MadeWave has in years nurtured one of the most iconic competitive and man power show-biz / amusement packages (Music, Comedy, Art) Entertainment to universities all over Nigeria and we intend to move further to other universities in the WEST AFRICAN countries in the nearest future. These has been a huge platform for unifying the student and to preach against drug abuse and encourage Entrepreneurial mindset among student #DontDoDrugs #SurviveOnCreativity bringing fun, peace and straight talk and correction in the life of all teeming youth in the university world.



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