Olamide’s Wo vs CDQ’s Wo vs Dotman’s Wo – Which Do You Think Is More Lovely?

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Hello Guys,

It’s the season of Wo!. And it seems the momentum WO! is getting won’t end soon as more Top Artistes keeps jumping on it.

This is a Post to rate the Top 3 Most Listened & Downloaded version of Wo! We are putting this up for all our Fans to rate which is the most lovely out of the 3 different versions from Olamide, CDQ and Dotman.

NOTE:- Don’t just jump to conclusion if you’ve not listened to that of CDQ or Dotman. Don’t just conclude Olamide’s own is the best because it’s the most popular or because it’s the original version. Sometimes dey wey Fake dey better pass Original or Tokunbo better pass Chacha

We are not asking which is the Biggest.. We all know Olamide’s version is the Biggest, Nobody can take his Spot.

However, we want you all to listen to these 3 Versions and tell us which you think is the most lovely…

Lets Go!



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