Photos:- See The 5 Nigerian Celebrities That Are Known To Be Very Proud (You Won’t Believe Who The No. 1 Is)

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Being a celebrity is a form of super power in the world as we know it. They are popular, they make cool cash, their voices get heard, and they just always seem privileged.

In all honesty, having their lives on tabloids and being followed around could get overwhelming. Everybody seems to be infringing on their privacy and it is not uncommon for them to snap every once in a while.

However, while some just get frustrated over certain matters, others are seen as just plain rude.

According to gathered information, here are some Nigerian celebrities that have been known to be rude.

1. Wizkid


Wizkid is the rising star of Nigeria, so it is not really surprising that he’s on this list. This guy moves around with the biggest stars internationally and he really has no time for random regular people.

He might be proud of his humble beginnings but all of that is behind him. Right now, he is very hard to assess and he’s not afraid to flaunt what he has and why he is the very best.

2. Stephanie Coker


Stephanie Coker is another celebrity that is very well connected. Having interview the biggest stars across the nation and internationally, she too has become a little bit full of herself.

She has been known to snub a few people, even some family friends as well. While it is true that she can be nice, you don’t want to cross her because she would certainly give it to you.

3. Genevieve Nnaji


Without a doubt, this veteran actress has too many reasons to be proud of her success. Coming from her limitations and becoming a force to recon with in Nigeria, certainly didn’t come easy to her.

The major reason Genevieve is on this list is because of a few tweets that went viral, following the time she was rude to a Nigerian blogger and journalist.

The journalist painfully recounted how she was snubbed and turned down by the star actress and it went viral. Still, we can never be too sure who was at fault.

4. Banky W


Banky W might be a lady’s man, but he is very selective about who he gives his attention to. In the many polls that have been taken, Banky W has come tops on the list of one of the proudest celebrities.

This even became even more pronounced when Gifty of Big Brother Nigeria, earlier this year, said Banky W was proud. Also, you don’t want Banky to clap back at you on social media. It’s never nice.

5. Tonto Dikeh


Last and not least on this list is Tonto Dikeh. While people are usually stuck between deciding whether she is proud or just plain crazy, her name tops the list. Many have said that she has a poor attitude and she can be rude and can be super saucy.

She also doesn’t seem to have many friends in Nollywood. She has, however, been stronger and friendlier since her divorce, so we can only observe and see how far it goes.

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