Satisfy Victor James, Author of From Creek To Sahara: Voting behaviour in present-day Nigeria politics”.


Victor James, born 1990 formerly identified by comprehensive title James Ita Victor and only referred to as Victor, is a significant political determine of the Annang ethnic team in the Niger Delta location of Nigeria wherever he serves as the Nationwide President of Niger Delta Youth Association (NDYA) a nonmilitia advocacy team he cofounded with his wife, and other comrades: Ibiso Harry, Gabriel Patterson, Ime Marshal and Chantelle Tindel.

His goal is to use the platform to advance the trigger of human legal rights although demanding accountability and growth in the Niger Delta location of Nigeria. Victor James think that in buy to achieve the intent of this advocacy team, specific attention will have to be paid out to the adhering to poverty alleviation, conservation of the surroundings and promotion of employment opportunities for younger men and women.

Victor has been in the forefront of tranquil campaign for youths in politics, a proactive and conscientious Niger Delta thoroughly clean up, tranquil cohabitation of persons of distinctive ethnic teams regardless of religion and economical standing, and poverty alleviation in the location.

Born a Christian, Victor received married to the like of his lifetime, a Somalian Sunni Muslim by the title of Ifrah who also has a twin citizenship with Britain. Their wedding day was a landmark function amongst hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and Somalians who imagine that it would be uncommon to see Muslim and Christian be part of together in holy matrimony. It is a genuine testament of how adore really should conquer all fears and prejudices.

Also a philanthropist, Victor prefers to dwell a everyday living of wanting out for many others by seeking possibilities that can provide an end or drastically lower the spate of unemployment, poverty and pollution in the Niger Delta region he believes that this is the hinge on which the stop to youth restiveness, insecurity and all social vices without having which investment, growth (primarily in tourism and raise in oil output in the area) rest. His well-known quote ‘to finish terrorism, you will have to initial close poverty’ is normally so apt. Victor notes that men and women who propagate terrorism have generally preyed on men and women from inadequate backgrounds to even more their result in. He maintains that a check out by the IMF to the Niger Delta location and the North Eastern portion of Nigeria will reveal to them that those people who have been brainwashed to carry out violent acts of terrorism are hundred percent inadequate.

James believes that the make a difference is more aggravated by crime and corruption as perpetrated by Nigeria’s political elites and the clergymen who have dirty their fingers with them. He argues that these people today are part of the failure in Nigeria’s political lifestyle and leadership. In reality, some clergymen in Nigeria are so abundant to the tune of billions but also selfish to offer you their weak congregation and other less privileged in different elements of the place, scholarships or charitable aids. In accordance to Victor, spiritual leaders in Nigeria make enormous dollars from Tithes, but, they are not able to give 10 per cent to assist poverty alleviation between widows. This has exacerbated corruption and deceit in Nigeria, where by, even in the facial area of widespread corruption among public place of work holders, the clergymen who are supposed to condemn the functions and use their spirituality to aid propagate effectiveness and accountability in the polity would fairly hold mum. In the course of election, some clergymen would even marketing campaign publicly in favour of some candidates. James would prefer to see a secular modern society with rule of legislation where politics is divided from faith. This is of certain necessity particularly in a multireligious state as we have. James thinks that should Nigeria undertake secularism it would be the conclude of spiritual fanaticism in the nation.
James continues to commit his time giving humanitarian help in Nigeria he enjoys to aid orphans and widows.
He thinks that the intercontinental community has carried out minimal to support progress the trigger of gender equality in Nigeria’s political room whilst, any state without lively participation of gals in critical political positions is only towing the path of eventual selfdestruction.

James, from time to time, would stay in the forefront of the campaign for obligatory fingerprints registration and database for the citizens of Nigeria he believes this will aid to retain exact data, primarily of males of the underworld whose documents would be stored in a proposed “Criminal Documents Bureau (CRB)”. James notes that to motivate the citizens to freely participate in the work out, the federal federal government ought to be all set to build the department of social welfare for her citizens where by individuals without a career could get a stipend of at minimum 20, 000 naira monthly as social protection advantage he believes this will enable decrease crime, homelessness, deal with poverty as nicely as other social vices in the region. This, he thinks, will help to discourage embezzlement of public cash and the flagrant stashing of the nation’s wealth abroad for panic of getting stolen. The funds can then be ploughed again into the system for our overall economy to thrive. That singular act can also be the conclusion of vote obtaining as the citizen will now be cozy ample to apply their conscience when they vote.

James also believes that most of the cabals in Nigeria and their clergymen cohorts are simply symbolizing some western passions. Whilst that in alone is not a trouble as it is within just anybody’s fundamental human rights to depict no matter what passions they so significantly imagine in the challenge starts when they do so with reckless selfishness and seeking to command the people in the procedure. Furthermore, this people today are previous and do not have the fashionable capacity to pursue the agendas of the new age. James thinks that these western passions really should do the job with youthful vibrant Nigerians who know what it normally takes to care for the people and their fatherland.

James opines that his era is not only really civil, they are also incredibly democratic. As a result, Nigerians must give them the privilege of serving the nation rather than recycling the exact aged palms who are only fantastic in dividing the state alongside spiritual and ethnic strains. The present-day aged politicians deficiency the necessary human deal with and feeling essential to galvanise the region observing they are much more interested fueling mayhem amid the citizens so they can seize the chance to indication fat price range for the objective of fixing such trouble. Developing dilemma for the sole purpose of profiting from it. James thinks these politicians are only great in selling violence and insecurities in their condition to enable them get big security votes and budget in return. There is not an iota of concern in their intellect irrespective of whether the lives of the men and women are endangered or not as extensive as they obtain a way to hang on to electricity.

This is the exact same difficulty you see perpetrated by some International Establishments. These International Institutions know the root induce of poverty and insecurity in Africa but they chose to switch blind eye because it is their supply of earnings. For any act of evil, there has to be an individual who’s benefiting from it and this kind of human being will prevent at very little to proceed to fuel such evil. It turns into their opportunity to sign massive sums of money as grants and fake to mail charitable aids to Africa meanwhile, about 25 per cent of the revenue gained would be made use of for mainstream media advert to give untrue effect to the community that billions have been sunk to remedy poverty in some part of Africa while it is a ruse. A further 25 per cent would be utilised to sponsor their puppets in some African nations as Presidents. You marvel why we have crisis in most portion of Africa now? 40 percent of the income gets diverted to the bank account they established up in someplace Africa and only 10 % of the revenue they signed foris made use of for any meaningful assist. Charity fraud has develop into widespread amongst all those who have access to worldwide establishments, so there should be watchdogs for all those who acquire this kind of grants.

James notes that Nigeria has so numerous tourist places scattered all about the place but lacks the internet marketing system to entice travellers. He pressured this through one of his meetings with the assembly member for Swansea West, Julie James. There are several wonderful tourist centers in Nigeria that can likely deliver major profits for the region but the Federal and States Governments lack strategic capacity to leverage on them. Electric power is also crucial for this as it offers the spine for this business to essentially flourish.
James thinks that the Government is not only built to govern the individuals but to also make prospects for the citizens to thrive through expenditure projects, provision of operational frameworks, polices and features for this kind of industries like tourism and other institutions to prosper to the gain of the men and women. By means of the electricity of the media and strategic positioning, the region can compete favorably at any level.

Dubai and Turkey, for illustration, create Billions of Bucks from tourism every 12 months. For James, Governance is like a solution, the way you bundle it in the media will decide the returns if Nigeria needs investors to troop into the region in droves, then the Authorities must offer adequate protection and cease the media match of building Nigeria’s Niger Delta a kidnappers’ den. Nigeria ought to know that this tends to make us look undesirable in the eye of the intercontinental group and no severe investor well worth his onions would possibility his cash for an uncertain bleak foreseeable future in a place where almost nothing is assured. At worst, people who are dumb and greedy sufficient to acquire the threats would place their headquarters in Lagos and Abuja whilst they drill for crude oil in the much Niger Delta polluting the location in the approach and leaving the folks staring into skinny air with nothing to fall back on.. Why not boost the safety machinery, fight towards poverty in each individual component of the region boost the salaries of security operatives these types of as the Law enforcement, Military, Mystery Company, and so forth so they would not compromise their employment or acquire bribes.

James also opines that there is will need to companion with the Niger Delta states by way of the Niger Delta Development Fee, NDDC, to help investments and tourism expansion in the region. It is the obligation of equally State and Federal Governments to supply stability for visitors and traders. Also Nigerian governors should really get started appointing Nigerians who are based mostly overseas and are keen to use their competencies to build Nigeria. This is to allow them inject contemporary interatlantic knowledge in Nigerian management. He phone calls on governors to appoint Diaspora desks in key European towns and other made nations and appoint liaison officers to depict them there so that the occupation of attracting traders and fostering tourism expansion in their states is built seamless. This is one more type of
position generation as perfectly as empowerment. The Nigerian Embassies in Diaspora are too tiny to have out this undertaking and other than, this desk should really be to give visibility for the condition authorities. The aim is to aid provide the states closer to international establishments.

Lastly, James thinks that it is inhuman to commercialize the battle of Niger Delta subsequent the environmental degradation by oil firms. The oil multinationals, community chiefs, paramount rulers, elected politicians and those people who have license to the oil blocks are the evil entities the place should combat. These men and women have done their enterprises with flagrant disregard for human existence and to the detriment of the host communities. Bribes have been made available and taken some even use their positions to obtain income for oil spills clean up. Higher than all, James believes the Federal Government really should be blamed for not protecting integrity and rule of legislation in their crusade versus environmental degradation. Today, lifetime expectancy in Niger delta is under 50 due to many harmful pollutions from the things to do of the multinationals. The ecosystem is wholly ruined in which the livelihood of the men and women is farming and fishing farmers complain of infertile and polluted farmlands when fishermen rue poisoned rivers and sea, always coming off with useless fish.

The price of air pollution is not just an challenge of the Niger Delta anymore it’s now a nationwide phenomenon as folks in other parts of the place are predicted to dwell down below 55 years way too. So Nigerians need to stand up versus global warming and air pollution in the state. The time is also correct for the worldwide neighborhood to rise up and lend their voice to the crusade for environmental conservation and crude oil spill cleanup in Nigeria if not, their open display may perhaps be construed as jokes and a scam.



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