See why you need to stop consuming gari – Health-related specialist warns


Dr. Boniface Okolo, the director of General public Wellbeing, Enugu condition, has suggested Nigerians towards the intake of soaked gari so as to stay away from contracting Lassa fever.

It is prevalent knowledge that gari among Nigerians is a single of the most preferred grains which is generally occasions soaked and eaten with sugar, groundnut, (Kulikuli), milk and other substances as it appeals to people today.

The professional medical doctor gave the warning when he spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Saturday, January 18.

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He argued that rats are most times in make contact with with Garri and that the rodents are the induce of the disorder, Everyday Believe in reports.

Heading further more, he reported the use of Garri have to be discouraged. He pointed out that introducing very hot h2o would have killed the bacteria leading to the disease.



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