“Summertime Vibes” Dropping Soon – Lynxxx Speaks On New Playlist Project On ‘Catch-Up’

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TooXclusive TV recently caught up with rapper-singer, Chukie Edozien aka Lynxxx at the launch/release party for BOJ’s debut album.

The finely groomed music act who’s been pretty much on a low in very recent times especially since the media went awash with details about him becoming self-aware in religious faith, shared some tea with us.

As opposed to the thought that he might be totally going under with the music, he however squashed such insinuations by making revelation of a music project he’s been working on, and is also ecstatic to share with his fans. In his words;

“I’m just going to keep putting out music. I’m putting out a project called Summertime Vibes. Summertime is over, but the vibes of summer is forever.“

Hear him!



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