Sure Signs You Are Having Bad S3x

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To most people, s3x is overrated because it is different from the way it is being portrayed in movies and harlequin. What is being portrayed in movies and novels are what most people look forward to in their relationship thinking s3x is one of the most pleasurable acts on earth.

“Do you get the feeling that s3x is overrated? If so, here are signs that you have been having really bad s3x.

Your partner is selfish: When your man thinks the main point of having s3x is for him to have an orgasm, he does not care if you are satisfied or not and after the act he just roll off and sleeps off.

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You are praying he reaches his orgasm soon: When you are not keen about the s3x and you are busy counting the seconds till he reaches orgasm in your head then you are having a bad s3x. “If there’s a clock in front of you, you keep staring at it and hope that he comes fast so you can take a shower or just fall asleep”.

S3x for you is painful and uncomfortable: “When he is inside you, you experience pain or discomfort either because he is too rough or he might be putting too much weight on you during s3x, while it isn’t intentional on his part, there have been times when you have avoided having s3x with your partner because he is so oblivious to your discomfort”.

One of you sleeps off during s3x: This might sound funny but it does happen. “S3x can get boring and monotonous when there isn’t enough foreplay and either one of you just isn’t turned on and too tired to put in the effort”.


You don’t get blowjob: When you man loves blowjobs when he talks about it and always insist on getting it almost all the time but you can’t remember the time he used his tongue to pleasure your lady bits. “S3x is about equal give and take and if you’re doing all the giving in bed, your s3x life is just not that great”.

Your partner has body odour: “Every time he drops his pants, can you actually smell him?” Then oral s3x and s3x with him will be very unpleasant if he has body odour. It will do you well to talk to him about his sloppiness so as to have improvement in your s3xual life.




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