Tips For Keeping A Guy Attracted To You

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It is very true that the number of eligible bachelors is dwindling greatly. It is also true that a lot of guys blow hot and cold; this minute they are attracted to you, the next minute they aren’t. So how do you keep a guy attracted to you?

1. Understand That He Can Perceive You As Being Needy Even Though You Aren’t: Neediness in a woman scares a lot of guys away. Why does it scare guys? Because men are not naturally built to nurture. There’s a threshold, a limit to how much of themselves they can give emotionally. When it seems like this invisible barrier is being trod upon, most men would naturally withdraw. So give him space whenever you imagine that he requires it; don’t persuade him into soothing your emotional needs by badgering him with calls and text messages. He would value you more for it.

2. Avoid The Predictable, Boring Behaviours of Other Women; Most women like to brag about their culinary skills, their holiness, or how athletic they are in bed. Most women also lean on men for validation and respect. Be different; be powerful, and a man would tear down every obstacle just to be with you. Carry yourself like a queen who doesn’t need a man and you’ll wrap him about your fingers. This must be done with the utmost finesse because if you overdo it, you’ll drive him away. Find a balance.

3: Try To Be Unassuming; Doesn’t it sound boring when you know a guy’s limits and what he can or can’t do? Try to be unpredictable. It would work magic. Initiate s3x, do role play, get him a gift out of the blues.

Ultimately, your greatest focus should be trying to understand the man you are with.

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